Music helps auditory processing from a very young age.

For quite a long time now, science is discovering the many benefits of playing a musical instrument.  Whether you're a young child or an older adult, adding the study of music to life will enhance so many aspects of your general learning and living styles.

In my many years of teaching and interacting with families, I  have had the pleasure of meeting so many different types of students.  One very interesting and special student comes immediately to mind as she has struggled with an auditory processing disorder as well as ADHD.  The study of music has been profoundly beneficial to this young girl, especially when taught through our on-line program.   The use of the computer and headphones seems to hyper-focus her and eliminate the usual distractions in her surroundings.  Please click this link for a most great read about auditory processing in young children.

We encourage all of our teachers to evaluate each and every student to determine our approach in reaching our goals in the most pleasant and efficient manner.  Not every student is considered mainstream.  So, we welcome each and everyone interested in playing an instrument.  

Marlene Cooper-Williams