Time Marches On

Back in 1975 when I opened my first music school in Sherman Oaks,Ca I had no way of knowing that I would sit at a computer in 2016 in Thousand Oaks, Ca and still be in the music education business.  I knew that music was deep in my soul, propelling me to magical heights when I was not just playing my piano but also when listening to recordings of others.  Through this long period of musical exploration combined with business, I have been lucky enough to meet many interesting and successful people who have deeply influenced my life and my successes.

Today I want to share one of the many inspiring stories on my lengthy path.  Back to 1975:

I received a phone call one afternoon from a local family with two young girls.  These children were interested in studying piano and even though I could have assigned them to another one of our instructors, I decided to accept them into my schedule.   That was a good decision as they became long standing students of mine for more than 6 years.  They were diligent in their studies, serious about their music and high achievers.  However, as time went on and they were growing into lovely young ladies, their time to spend at the piano lessened due to school, sports, etc.  The next thing I know, they are off to college both becoming doctors.

Now, fast forward to 1996.  Yes, I’m still in the music education business but now my company has teaching staffs in 26 cities, one of which was Minneapolis, Minnesota - my home town.

One afternoon I was in my office making some calls to our Minneapolis location and I had the need to reach out to one of our students back there.  The student wasn’t home, but a lady answered the phone with a distinctive voice and speech pattern.  This lady, for some reason, sounded vaguely familiar to me and the more we spoke, it finally dawned on me that I was talking to the mother of my students from 1975.  Her daughters (my former students) were in medical school and one was back in Minnesota.  She had signed up with one of our teachers not knowing this company was connected to me.  When we put all the pieces together it was so exciting to reconnect.  I was able to catch up on both girl’s lives and to find out that soon there would be a wedding back here in California and I was invited.

Happily I attended the wedding but then we lost track again figuring I would not never see them again.  Well, low and behold, I was wrong because sitting here in 2016, I was contacted by my student again as she now found me through internet presence in my current music education service.  She is now living in another county south of me and is still very much interested in playing her new and beautiful piano.

It’s astounding to me that two people can be so connected through the power of music.  That we can continue down very different paths, with our paths always crossing again and again with a musical purpose.

So, in a few days, I will be driving to meet up with her.  Again, I could have assigned a different teacher to her as my company has several wonderful piano instructors in her area.  However, I will be visiting my daughter who lives only 15 minutes from my student, so, selfishly, I decided that I would continue to be her teacher.   Now with the wonders of technology, when it’s difficult to make the long drive to see her in person, we can always arrange an internet lesson, from time to time, as long as we both have the same printed scores available at our pianos.

So the moral to this story:  music lives forever!  Find a way to keep it in your life because when you’re 90, you won’t be inviting the soccer team home with you, but, most likely, you will still be playing your instrument to the delight and pleasure of those who love you.