Featured Teacher: Paige Griffin

Every once-in-a-while we come across the kind of teacher who embodies a rare balance of talent, dedication and flexibility that make a truly effective teacher. Paige Griffin is the epitome of this balance. Not only is she the talented musician that we look for in a music teacher but she dedicates herself to constantly expanding her musical skill set, in a wide variety of instruments, while exercising her organizational and communication skills. This unique balance of qualities allows her to teach so many different instruments while effectively managing a very busy schedule. The result is that Paige is not only a talented and reliable teacher but has become an integral contributor to the growth of Heritage Home Conservatory and our various programs.

Paige has been studying music and performing for over 10 years. She started out learning piano for a year before switching to guitar. She spent six years studying acoustic and electric guitar, playing in her school’s jazz band. However, in seventh grade, she decided she wanted to play a wind instrument, but didn’t know what to play. After going to her band teacher for help, she eventually decided to play the French Horn, sticking with it throughout middle school and high school. She pursued her love for music at Azusa Pacific University, and recently graduated with a degree in Music Education. She returned home to Ventura County and immediately began teaching privately. She currently teaches almost every instrument for HHC including piano, guitar, trumpet, and violin.

She was introduced to music education in college, not really understanding how impactful a teacher was. After observing classes and having deep conversations with her mentors, she realized why she wanted to become a music teacher. Music had always made an impact on her life, whether it be happy or sad memories. One of her earliest realization of music education was through the movie “The Music Man.” Although Professor Hill was a con artist, he did love music and actually brought the townspeople together over the music band. They were proud of their children, even the known delinquent kid changed for the better.

She thanks her middle school band teacher for giving her the opportunity to be a part of the music world and inspiring her to become a teacher so she can pass on that passion and love of music to others. Music not only enlightens others, it also motivates ourselves and promotes a healthy brain and lifestyle.

Paige has devoted her time into becoming a music educator, teaching students privately. She is obtaining her Single Subject Credentials in the fall in order to expand her horizons as a music teacher.