"Time-To-Play" Workforce Music Makers

brought to you by Heritage Home Conservatory.

How would you like to see music added to your company's wellness program?  Researchers have discovered the following benefits of playing a musical instrument for adults.

  • REDUCES STRESS - Playing a musical instrument can reverse stress at the molecular level, according to studies conducted by Loma Linda University of Medicine

  • Reduces job burn-out

  • Improves mood

  • Reduces depression

  • Improves employee retention

  • Making music boosts brain language skills

  • Betters over-all health by increasing HGH (human growth hormone) in active aging adults

Research shows that we can't just passively listen to music on our iPods to stimulate our brains.  We must get in there, grab an instrument and play, sing, bang or pluck to get the full benefits of music in our lives.

We, at Heritage Home Conservatory, would welcome the opportunity to discuss how easy this would be to offer your employees and/or their families a program tailored to your staff with no company cost.

For more information on how to incorporate our "TIME-TO-PLAY" program into your company, please call:  

Heritage Home Conservatory - 805.492.1676