Q: What instruments do you teach?

A: Officially, we have instructors trained to teach virtually all instruments or voice.  The most commonly studied instruments are piano, guitar & voice.  

In addition to the big three we have teachers for almost any instrument you can imagine depending on your location. If we don't have the right teacher in your neighborhood we can match you up with a live teacher via webcam.

In short, we'll do our best to find the right instructor for you.  Just let us know how we can help.

Q: How long are the lessons?

A: Our lesson packages are sold in packages of either 30, 45 or 60 minute lessons.

If you're wondering which one will work best for you, we generally leave that decision between the student and teacher.  But a good rule of thumb is a lesson should only last as long as the student can pay attention.  Usually, that means younger students will take shorter lessons, but your milage may vary.   

Q: Do I need my own instrument?

A: Unless you are studying voice you will need an instrument.

Please let us know if you need any help finding the right one.

Q: What ages do you teach?

A: We like to say that we'll teach any student from age four to eighty-four because people can reap the benefits of music at every stage of our lives.  That being said, a potential student will generally need to know how the alphabet and how to count to 10.